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Tony Hawk’s BIRDHOUSE SKATE TOUR is Set to Shred Westwind Skate Park on Sunday August 18th!
Admission is only 10 dollars! PARK OPENS AT 11am and the demo begins at 2pm. You are free to watch from the outside FOR FREE!

Click here for some more info and an interview with Tony Hawk!

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WestwindSkate.com is the unofficial website of Westwind Lakes’ NEW Skate Park. This website features a forum where skaters of the park can meet and discuss various topics while not skating. The site also features a photo section that we will populate with photos or members can submit photos that we can post.

Westwind Lakes Skate Park features 2 quarter pipes, a fun box, nipple, 3 stairs, banks, ledges, and a few grinding rails.

It is FREE to skate at the park. Hours of operation are 8am-9pm Monday -Friday and 8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Come skate with us and join our forums to talk to fellow skaters at the park!

Westwind Lakes is located in West Kendall 6805 SW 152nd Ave Miami (305) 388-4771.